Webinar Richard Brown – Parental Loss: Scattering the ashes instead of burying the hurt


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The Grief of the Parents: A Lifetime Journey

A Lifecare Guide to Grief and Bereavement 

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What is trauma like from the perspective of a patient’s family?

This presentation offers an insight into parental grief as a direct result of family trauma.  Following the loss of his 12 year old son in 2009, Richard offers social workers and health professionals tips on how to support a bereaved parent.

Richard has been a health social worker for the Bay of Plenty District Health Board since emigrating from England in 2001.  As part of his grieving process, Richard has researched parental loss as a cathartic way to manage his grief.  This presentation marries personal experience to grief theory whilst examining the trauma of losing a son.  Richard challenges the traditional stages of grief model.

In conclusion Richard recognises that the grief of a parent lasts a lifetime yet learning can be achieved from such loss and life for the survivor does not end with such an experience.  How can social workers approach such loss?