Webinar: Vicki Hirst & Rosemary Nash, Assessing, developing and maintaining our professional wellbeing.


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Management of our professional wellbeing is documented by both ANZASW and SWRB as a key legal and ethical responsibility of both social workers and their employers. Supervision has a key role to play in this process.

Supervision provides the opportunity to regularly assess a supervisee’s wellbeing and to find strategies to support and maintain wellbeing and passion for their work. It can assist with recognising and remedying challenges to wellbeing before these become detrimental.

This presentation introduces ‘The Professional Wellbeing Self-Assessment’ tool that we have developed for supervisees to reflect on and map their professional wellbeing across seven dimensions through a range of questions that cover key aspects of their current professional life. These aspects of wellbeing are evidenced based in that various research studies indicate that if these things are in place then a worker is less likely to suffer from burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma and is more likely to be an effective practitioner.

We will briefly outline the tool’s development, how we have applied it in supervision and the outcomes to date. Participants will be invited to complete the self-assessment for themselves and discuss its merits (or otherwise) and its application to the supervision they provide.

Vicki Hirst:

Has been in private practice, primarily as a professional supervisor, since 1996. Other work includes training, facilitation of team planning and working and mediation. Her qualifications and experience include social work, supervision, human resource management, management and organisational change and development. She has a particular interest in supervision and has been a trainer, lecturer, publisher and conference presenter in this

field. Vicki is a full member of ANZASW, a registered social worker and chairs the SWRB Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal.

Rosemary Nash:

Has provided both internal and external supervision in the Not-for Profit Sector since 1986. She has been in private practice as a Professional Supervisor, Trainer and Consultant in Social Services for the last 7 years. Rosemary has a deep interest in human development and a commitment to supporting effective practice. Supervision is a forum, which allows us to work on developing our personal and professional potential. Rosemary is a full and active member of ANZASW and a Registered Social Worker.