Webinar: Vicki Hirst: Which hat are you wearing? Supervisor? Frontline Manager? – or both?

Issues arise when there is a lack of clarity about supervision and management – what they have in common, how they differ and how they can work together to ensure best social work practice. Issues can become evident in situations such as when a manager is new to the social service sector, a line manager also provides the supervision, a frontline manager is new to management, or when supervision is contracted outside the agency.

This webinar will distinguish the roles and responsibilities of both the supervisor and the frontline manager and offer strategies to separate and integrate these roles for safe, accountable, effective and sustainable social work practice.

Vicki Hirst has been in private practice, primarily as a professional supervisor, working with social service managers, professional leaders and social workers since 1996. Her qualifications include social work, supervision, human resource management, management and organisational change and development. She has a particular interest in supervision and has been a trainer, lecturer, researcher, publisher and conference presenter in this field. Vicki also instigated and coordinated the ANZASW Supervisors Interest Group for 7 years.


Unfortunately the webinar failed to record due to technical issues with the webinar providers. here is the PowerPoint presentation